650mm Flower Knot Bamboo Stick Food Stick Fruit Picking Stick

Item No.: HDP152
650mm Flower Knot Bamboo Stick, Food Stick, Fruit Picking Stick, Looped Knot Twisted Ends wholesale, customized size & logo, contact us to learn more.
  • OEM|ODM:Accepted
  • Printing Design:Cutomized
  • Packing:10000 Pieces/Box
  • Weight:8.5 Kg
  • Material:Bamboo
  • More Less
    Disposable Flower Knot Bamboo Stick Wholesale 
    Custom Food Stick Skewers 
    Fruit Picking Stick Factory
    Common Sizes:  6.5cm/
    9cm/10.5cm/12cm/15cm/18cm, According to your requirements
    Sample: Provided
    Why choose hydepackage custom Bamboo Flower Knot Sticks? 
    Perfect protection for shipping
    Available in a variety of size options
    Customized style and design

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