Superior paper cup with lid is the store’s credit card

Author : Eric Hartell
Update time : 2022-01-05 17:37:21
  For coffee shops, make sure to use good quality paper cup with lid that represent the integrity of the store. We offer a wide selection of paper cups with lids and various types of grade paper coffee cups. From plain paper cups to insulated cups to plain white, you will be pleased with our selection of wholesale paper cup with lid. Our lids range is suitable for all sizes of cups. When choosing a lid, the contents of the paper cup are important. If these are soup cup lids, that's a different type of lid and we can help you too.
  paper cup with lid
  Material and structure of paper cup with lid
  Insulated corrugated cups have a ridge 2-4 times deeper than other imitation corrugated cups on the market. Those deeper ridges allow for better insulation and less heat transfer between the cup and the hand. Our wholesale paper cup with lid is made from leakproof, green friendly, non-bleach food paper. They are made from all natural and sustainable resources and contain no petrochemicals. These premium white board cups feel and behave just like traditional paper coffee cups. They are double-jointed and can withstand boiling liquid. These paper coffee cups with lids maintain the look of a smooth paper cup. Their double-walled structure helps keep cold drinks cool and keeps hot drinks warm for longer. They can also protect your customers' hands from the beverage's calories. They are made from recycled materials after consumption and are an environmentally friendly alternative.
  Features of bulk paper cup with lid
  Whether it's insulation protection, custom brand logos and messages, or the environmentally friendly solution you're looking for, Hyde has wholesale paper cups with lids to meet your needs. What is most important to you about paper cups with lids? Our paper cup lids include buttons and other features to indicate cream, decaf or black coffee. And they have a comfortable sipping hole that reduces the amount of water dripping when sipping. Our lids fit perfectly! We have specific lids for each size of coffee cup we sell. Here's a tip: To avoid "sipping," aim the nozzle directly opposite the cup seam when placing the lid on the cup. Then, press down on the lid and apply even pressure until you feel the lid sticking or popping into place.
  Now the coffee industry is booming. In every city in the country, you can see artisanal coffee shops popping up one after another. People love coffee, and now they really love local coffee with carefully selected ingredients and packaging. High-quality coffee mugs, lids, and sleeves are must-haves that will tell your customers if you are a follower of this growing industry trend, or if you have missed out.
  Personalized paper cup with lid
  Not only do our paper cups with lids look beautiful and come in a variety of designs, they are also good for the environment. These disposable paper cups with lids are fully customizable so you can print your corporate logo directly on the cup to promote your unique brand. Choose from a variety of sizes and don't forget to choose one of our lids and compostable sleeves to complete the ensemble.
  We offer you a choice between regular, compostable and biodegradable coffee lids. Tailor your packaging to your business and we have lids in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of our cup sizes.
  Who doesn't like to buy two for the price of one? Our paper cup with lid do just that. If you want to support the environment without burning the customer's skin, try these. You don't even need a sleeve, as it's already built into the cup to provide extra protection. If you would like a durable and fully customized disposable paper cup, please try contacting us to get personalized paper cups with lids.

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